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Durian ri6 has oval shape, narrow bottom, thin yellow-green skin, average weight of 2-3 kg/fruit. The monthong durian is egg-shaped or rectangular with a spine thickness of 1.25 cm, and a peduncle 5-8 cm long.
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Durian Ri 6 has yellow rice, flat seeds, sweet taste, aroma, dry rice, does not stick to the hand that people here used to call Durian Ri 6, named after the "father" of the variety. This durian is Ong Sau Ri (Long Ho district, Vinh Long).

Ri 6 durian is rarely embarrassed, is classified in the group of flat seeds, is moderately sweet and has a fatty taste, the ratio of flat seeds is 40% / fruit, each fruit weighs 3-5 kg ​​on average.

Durian is a wonderful energizing fruit. 100 grams of fruit flesh provides about 147Kcal of energy, accounting for about 7% of the energy for the body's activities each day. This fruit is also cholesterol-free, and is an excellent source of fiber and protein. Besides, Durian is also effective for many diseases:

For healthy bones and teeth: the presence of calcium, potassium and B vitamins in durian is an advantage that helps this fruit work in maintaining healthy teeth and bones.
Stabilizes blood sugar: The moderate level of manganese in durian is the reason why this fruit can assist in stabilizing and maintaining blood sugar at an acceptable level.
Migraine relief: Durian is rich in riboflavin, which is a B vitamin - nutrients that stimulate nerves and stabilize mood.
Helps prevent cardiovascular disease: Researchers have found organosulfur in durian, which can help regulate enzymes that reduce inflammation in the body. Therefore, it has the potential to eliminate cardiovascular diseases.
Beauty skin: Vitamin C in Durian promotes the body's production of collagen, an anti-aging substance.
Natural anti-depressant: Durian is a fruit rich in vitamin B6, a vitamin that supports the production of anti-depressant serotonin. Therefore, you can eat Durian to increase serotonin levels and eliminate depression.
Good for the digestive system: The fiber in Durian helps in reducing bowel movements, helping you to improve the strength of your digestion and keep away intestinal diseases.

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