Export of agricultural products to China will "promote" in 2023

Export of agricultural products to China will "promote" in 2023
Date Submitted: 09/02/2023 09:02 AM



       From January 8, 2023, China Customs announced the removal of all nucleic acid testing measures for Covid-19 prevention at border gates for imported goods, including frozen goods.

          According to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien, China is a potential market with 1.4 billion people, accounting for 19.2% of the export market structure, so there is still a lot of potential and room. Therefore, the Prime Minister has been very interested and directed to promote the consumption of goods to China. As a result, in 2022 when durian fruit is officially exported to this market, by many measures of efforts, it has grown 4,100% in just one month. In the coming time, many products will continue to be promoted for official export to China thanks to the signing of protocols.

           It is estimated that exports to the Chinese market will increase sharply after this "easing" policy, said Huynh Tan Dat, Deputy Director of the Plant Protection Department, to prepare for favorable exports to the market. In this regard, the Plant Protection Department has directed the units at the border gate to arrange personnel and allocate resources to support export enterprises.

           With key products that have been signed for official export, the Department of Plant Protection has developed a database on planting areas and packing facilities, crops, and productivity to regulate material areas and avoid congestion. congestion, putting pressure on consumption at border gates.

        Mr. Dat also said that the Department regularly establishes communication channels with localities and businesses in order to better control export standards issues; Communicating people to comply with production processes, declare production logs, well control phytosanitary and food safety issues, helping businesses be more proactive in taking advantage of export opportunities.

           Mr. Nguyen Van Long, Director of the Department of Animal Health, added that up to now, 9 factories of 7 dairy companies have been exported to China, an increase of 50% compared to 2021. Especially after nearly 4 years. After years of negotiation, we signed a protocol to export bird's nests to China. Currently, the Department of Animal Health has issued a 7-step guide for units wishing to export oats and 5 units have submitted documents.

         According to the Director of the Department of Animal Health, for processed chicken and chicken meat, in addition to continuing to export to Japan, the Department is also negotiating to export to the Chinese market. Items such as fish meal, feather meal and many other products have great potential for export to this market. Particularly for fishmeal, there are currently 78 enterprises allowed to export to China, for example Vinh Hoan is an enterprise exporting fishmeal in large quantities to China.

          Also related to China's preparation to open the border in the next few days, Mr. Ba Anh, representative of the General Department of Fisheries, said that in recent years, seafood exports to China have generally been favorable thanks to 2004. , we have signed a seafood export cooperation agreement with China.

          Currently, China recognizes 802 seafood export enterprises of Vietnam, similarly, we also approve 780 Chinese seafood enterprises to enter Vietnam. In 2022, seafood export turnover to China will double, despite the zero COVID-19 policy.

          "For your country to open the border, seafood products will be more favorable, especially fresh seafood such as lobster, white shrimp, crab..., by Chinese restaurants and eateries. When the country opens, it will consume a lot of fresh seafood. In addition, before the goods had to go by sea, now they can be transported by land, the goods will be exported to your country faster, "Mr. Ba Anh informed .

          In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also suggested that businesses, associations and localities across the country grasp information to proactively apply appropriate measures.


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